Eurosite – the European Land Conservation Network is a charitable non-profit organisation under Dutch law (“ANBI organisation”). Its RSIN/Fiscal number is 8185 85 948. Its Chamber of Commerce number is 18 09 09 18. Its office is registered at the address Hart van Brabantlaan 12-14, 5038 JL Tilburg, The Netherlands. The geographical coverage of the association’s activities extends to all of Europe as defined by the UN.

Eurosite aims to:

    • benefit nature and human enjoyment of it,
    • enhance European nature conservation practice,
    • improve the management of Europe’s land and water resources,
    • share knowledge and disseminate practical information,
    • link natural sites and their managers.

To achieve this, Eurosite believes that, since nature knows no boundaries, Europe’s biodiversity and rich natural resources are best served through a network dedicated to promoting good practice in nature conservation and management. Sharing experiences between members and the consequent acquisition of individual skills and learning allows resources and knowledge to be utilised for the common good and to benefit Europe’s nature.

Eurosite’s Board and Council members receive no form of reward from the association for acting in this capacity. A reasonable reimbursement of expenses incurred is possible in certain cases. You can find further information on Eurosite’s objectives and activities in the documents below.


This website is co-financed by the EU’s LIFE Programme