Eurosite news | 22 Aug 2022

Tour du Valat, a Eurosite member and Mediterranean wetland expert organisation, supports our community with free training videos for wetland managers and conservation practitioners.

The videos, which are available for free in English and French, document a three-day online training workshop that Tour du Valat organised in June 2022. They cover the history and theoretical framework of wetland restoration and present practical experiences of Mediterranean wetland restoration, focussing on nature-based climate solutions. Virtual site visits (to former saltworks and temporary marshes of the Camargue and Caissaire) conclude each training day. The videos are related to an online training workshop Tour du Valat has organised with the support of MedWet from 20 to 22 June 2022.

About Tour du Valat:

Founded in 1954 by Luc Hoffmann, a visionary naturalist with a passion for ornithology, Tour du Valat has developed a research programme for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands with the constant desire to “better understand wetlands to manage them better.” Convinced that these rich but highly threatened habitats can only be conserved if human activities and natural heritage are reconciled, Tour du Valat continues to provide state-of-the-art research and integrated management programmes.