Hans von Sonntag | 22.03. 2023

Tereza Kavalírová from BROZ, Slovakia, wrote us: 

 “We have the unique opportunity to restore a territory which has been for many years intensively used for agriculture. Now we can change it and protect a 42-hectare wetland in an agricultural country. The price for the land is very good, even for Slovakian conditions – only 0.23 €/m2. But still, the total price for the 42 ha parcel is 100,000 €, which is a big amount for our NGO. Therefore, we kickstarted the first public campaign to raise the money – and we would be grateful if you could help us to support the campaign.” 

This is BROZ’s campaign: HELP US SAVE A WETLAND

If you are interested or know interested third parties, please shoot Tereza an email.

BROZ protects and restores precious habitats in the Danube region and the Carpathians. BROZ is a team of professional conservationists dedicated to protecting and restoring forests, meadows and wetlands in Natura 2000 sites.