Peat Pals for LIFE

In the EU project Peat Pals for LIFE, Natuurmonumenten, together with Natuurpunt, Wageningen University and Eurosite, is committed to improving peat ecosystems in the Netherlands and Flanders.

The European Networks for Private Land Conservation project’s scope

What does Peat Pals for LIFE do?

We are working together to improve hydrology and measure carbon and greenhouse gas dynamics. Lessons can be learned from this, among other things, about the impact of restoration activities on reducing CO2 emissions. The starting signal for this collaboration was officially given in Veenhuizen at the beginning of October in the presence of the partner organisations and the provinces of Friesland and Drenthe.



The main objective of the Peat Pals for LIFE project is to improve the condition of habitats and species that are currently in an unfavorable status structurally within Natura 2000 areas. Collaborating with partners, various degraded and carbon-rich peat ecosystems are being restored in the Netherlands and Flanders. By doing this, we create a variety of peat ecosystems, which are more resistant to external effects, in the Fochteloërveen (Netherlands) and the Valley of the Abeek, Dommeldal and the Veewei (both Flanders).




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