The EU-funded MOSAIC project, joined by twenty organisations, embarks on a five-year mission to improve European land management.

The MOSAIC project’s scope

Duration 2023-2027

Aligned with the EU Green Deal and other strategies targeting climate and biodiversity crises, MOSAIC addresses the complexities of land use, society, and economics that challenge current policies and make decision-making for policymakers difficult.

At its core, MOSAIC will analyse decision-making processes in land use, focusing on climate change and biodiversity. Policy Labs in six European regions — Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland, and at a European continental level — will facilitate the development of innovative policy options through community and organisational involvement. The impact of these options will be evaluated using advanced modelling techniques.

Key findings and stakeholder insights will be shared online,

  • supporting decision-makers in implementing effective land use policies,
  • ultimately shaping a sustainable future for Europe’s landscapes.

Eurosite will contribute to the EU Policy Lab together with ELO and ILVO. We will leverage our networks to discuss and evaluate possible policies impacting the decision-making process in land use Europe-wide. Ultimately, we want to explore opportunities for private landowners and land managers to use different policy tools to contribute to achieving biodiversity targets.




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