Public Institution NATURA VIVA for management of protected natural resources in the County of Karlovac

Natura Viva is a Public Authority in charge of the management of protected nature areas on the territory of the Karlovac County.

The vision of Natura Viva is to develop into a professional institution able to conserve the natural values of the County in their natural condition, to promote scientific research, information dissemination and sustainable economic activities in the form of tourism – for the benefit of the public.

The institutional goals are to: determine the baseline status of natural values and set up regular monitoring; to conserve and restore the existing biological and landscape diversity; to set up a system for the long-term conservation of natural values; to ensure sustainable use of natural resources.

Their current challenge is to manage the established Natura 2000 sites in the county of Karlovac and to ensure that these sites are managed in a sustainable manner, both ecologically and economically. Also, NATURA VIVA would like to estimate and indicate the overall economic value of the benefits Natura 2000 provides and has provided, as well as to ensure funding for effective management and the restoration of sites in the Natura 2000 network. They are sure that the Eurosite network will help and contribute to enhancing the exchange of information, experience and good practice on Natura 2000 management.


Darka Spudić