Jude Nunga

Jude is the founder of GobahanagTravel. He is very passionate about sustainable (business) development and management, and travel in addition to exploring diversified nature and cultures. He recently completed a fellowship training programme at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in Sweden with regards to GobahanagTravel.

He has indefinite plans to offer international bilateral exchange programmes between the Western world and emerging markets, focusing on experiential business and leisure travels. For leisure and education endeavours, his mission is to facilitate and promote experiential travel to natural heritage sites in Europe, Wonders of Europe and history museums.

Ever since discovering Eurosite and getting to read more about our mission and activities, Jude was extremely happy to finally find an organisation matching the focus of GoBahangTravel leisure’s mission and goals in nature conservation and restoration. Jude looks forward to strengthening Eurosite and the Eurosite network. As a member, he looks forward to becoming actively involved in sharing experiences, networking, collaborating and helping to promote the importance of natural sites and their conservation to an international audience year-round.