Jovita García Collado

Mrs. García believes that nature must contribute to social, economical and environmental development, specially in rural areas, and thinks that Eurosite is a fantastic network to achieve this. She wants to share knowledge about the management of natural resources, specially those belonging to Natura2000. Nowadays, Mrs. García is promoting private projects based on tourism, health and conservation. She is working on a programme to evaluate tourism destinations in order to rate the services offered to senior tourists, which includes many and diverse parameters, specially oriented to satisfy seniors’ demands. This work is designed on the three main strategies of activSENIORS: health, leisure and nature. This process is being worked on jointly with Catalina Hoffmann Holding Group, and at the present day, Mrs. García is looking for funds to run it. Mrs. García is in contact with international organisations and companies that promote the creation of friendly spaces and therapeutic landscapes. From this proccess, together with other stakeholders, she has created the “CareLand” concept: a territory where the nature contributes to health and leisure, such as activSENIORS promotes. CareLand is formed by several NGOs from Spain and Portugal, and some private companies from the same countries, and it is focused on Extremadura (Spain), and Alentejo (Portugal). The partners intend to organise an International Scientific Congress to research and show the best practices in these areas, in order to implement the best ones for the territories mentioned.


Phone: 0034628294103