Eurosite's Mission:
To provide opportunities for practitioners to network and exchange experience on practical nature management.

Carolina Halevy, project manager Eurosite


Interested in joining the European network that represents over 5,500 natural site managers?

You can join the Eurosite network as an organisation or individual member. You can download our membership fee levels 2024 to determine your fee. For more information on the different types of memberships, please see below.

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Associate members are natural persons or legal persons who are greatly interested in the work of Eurosite and who subscribe to the objectives of the association. Associate members are not members within the meaning of the law, seeing that they have no voting rights and they can thus not elect representatives for the Eurosite Council. The associate members furthermore have the same rights and obligations as do members.


Interested in joining the European network that represents over 5,500 natural site managers? You can become a Eurosite member as an organisation or individual by completing the application form below. Download our membership fee levels 2022 to determine your fee. Here is an overview of the different types of memberships:

  • Organisational members – only legal entities that own or manage natural areas in Europe are eligible for this category.
  • Organisational and individual associate members – open to everyone interested in the work of Eurosite and supportive of its objectives. Associate members have no voting rights in a General Assembly and cannot nominate/elect/appoint representatives to the Council. In all other respects, associate members have the same rights and obligations as members, including the right to participate in assemblies and express their view and to be appointed to the Board and vote thereat. Benefits of Eurosite membership:

Eurosite offers its members many beneficial services – we aim to save our members time and money, help them achieve their nature conservation goals, and facilitate their professional development.

  • Raised profile: We provide an established platform for you to promote your work to our network and the European nature conservation community – allowing you to reach thousands of other site managers.
  • Information sharing: We share the most current and relevant information about natural site management and EU policy with you, saving you the time to dig up the information and ensuring you remain up to date with the latest policy developments.
  • Networking: At our events, you will meet site managers from across Europe to network and share ideas.
  • Training: Every year we organise a programme of workshops and training activities based on the issues that matter most to you. During our workshops, members and other site managers share experiences and gain knowledge.
  • Matchmaking: We help you find the right partners for project consortia and ideas for grant applications. This will allow you to access funding that you would otherwise miss out on!
  • Working Groups and Twinning initiatives: We help our members to set up a structured exchange on topics of their interests in working groups or Twinning initiatives. Twinning: We have over 30 years of experience in Connecting Competence in Conservation!
  • Brussels: We follow and influence key political processes on your behalf and represent our community at international institutions such as the European Commission. We advocate for your needs and provide you with feedback from political events.
  • Last but not least – great savings: All members are entitled to a 20% discount on event fees. Organisational members can take advantage of this offer for their entire work force!

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