Forestry and Land Scotland

Approximately one third (470,000 ha) of Scotland’s forests and woodland are on public land, owned by Scottish Ministers on behalf of the nation.
Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) has responsibility for managing the national forests and land for multiple outcomes, and to promote sustainable forest management. FLS has a vision to create “ Forests and land that Scotland can be proud of”, and it’s mission is “ To look after Scotland’s forests and land, for the benefit of all, now and for the future.”  In its unique position as both an executive agency of Government and the largest land manager in Scotland, FLS manages forests and land in a way that supports and enables economically sustainable forestry; conserves and enhances the environment; and delivers benefits for people and nature. The scale of our national forests and land allows us to manage whole landscapes; restoring, enhancing and linking habitats. The diversity of our national
forests and land means that we look after a range of rare and threatened species and many significant historic assets. The way that we manage them helps to reduce Scotland’s environmental footprint and mitigate the disruption caused by a changing climate. In doing so, we take an ecosystem approach to land stewardship, sustaining the benefits provided by our environment, while also supporting the delivery of economic and community objectives.


Colin Edwards