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RRR Conference: Renewable resources from wet and rewetted peatlands


Organised by the Greifswald Mire Centre, the third RRR Conference takes place online from 9-11 march 2021.

The production and utilisation of wetland biomass offers manifold opportunities to address the in­creasing and diversifying demand for biomass and can reduce the competition between biofuel and food production. Wetland biomass can substitute fossil resources as a raw material for manufacturing and industry and for energy production, and it can also provide food: e.g. directly with berries or products from the water buffalo, or indirectly with cattail and Azolla as fodder for livestock as well as with peat moss, cattail and alder wood fiber as components of growing media.

The cultivation and utilisation of paludiculture crops can provide sustainable land use options for peatlands. The rewetting of degraded peatlands for paludiculture with water tables raised to the soil surface reduces greenhouse gas emissions and restores many other ecosystem services like nutrient removal, water retention and habitat provision.

Key topics

• Biomass to product
• Greenhouse gas emissions and other climate effects
• Yield, water and nutrient dynamics
• Biodiversity at ecosystem level and within species
• Sphagnum farming, vegetation restoration and propagules
• Harvesting techniques
• Worldwide developments of paludiculture
• Regional and national transition of peatland use & socio-economics
• Framework conditions and policy support
• Case studies(SE-Asia)
From the Care-Peat consortium, LWT is presenting their Carbon Farm; and Natuurpunt will present the GrasGoed  project results (connected to the Care-Peat business case).
Please find further information regarding the conference and how to register on the event website.
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