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Forum des Gestionnaires de la Biodiversité


Whether the implementation of a plan or a management document has the desired effect on the natural environment is of interest to both the manager, who is wondering whether to continue the actions or adapt them, the decision-makers who must reflect the relevance of their choices, and financial partners who wish to judge whether the allocated budgets have been effectively spent. Evaluation is thus a key element in the management of a natural area. It ensures the relevance and consistency of actions over time, at different scales (site, regional, national, biogeographic) as well as adapting its management over time.

This new edition of the Biodiversity Managers Forum, organised by the Agence Française pour la Biodiversité, focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of the management of Natura 2000 sites. Its objective is to encourage the exchange and sharing of experiences of site managers in this area. Over time, each site has been able to develop its own tools, indicators or methodologies, depending on ecological issues and dedicated resources. These testimonials will question and enrich the various projects developed in support of network professionals (habitat and species conservation status assessment guides, methodological guide for the development of natural area management plans, catalogue of indicators, et cetera). Please note that the event’s working language is French. Please find more information here.


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