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Exchanging on Land Stewardship and Natura 2000: experiences and networking in Europe


During this land stewardship workshop, different actors from around Europe will exchange information and experiences to build practical knowledge on how to apply land stewardship tools and agreements and how to boost land stewardship as a conservation tool in Europe. In particular, participants will learn how to communicate stewardship as an effective tool for the conservation of nature and biodiversity, including European landscapes and Natura 2000 sites. This workshop will be of interest to anyone working in nature conservation, but specifically to landowners and site managers.

The workshop is for a range of actors interested in nature and biodiversity conservation, more particularly:

  • Site Managers working on nature conservation in and outside Natura 2000 sites;
  • Staff working in outreach / public information functions;
  • Staff working directly to support implementation of Natura 2000 and other protected areas;
  • Volunteers working to conserve nature on a local and/or regional level;
  • Stakeholders in local communities;
  • Local and national authorities (including involved politics);
  • Biodiversity conservation experts;
  • Land stewardship organisations (public, private, non-profit).
  • Landowners (including farmers) keen to learn about what land stewardship could mean for them, what the benefits of land stewardship are and how they can apply land stewardship.

Please note that there is a fee attached to your participation. The all-inclusive fee for three days includes two nights in the Avenc, all meals, field trips and bus expenses from Barcelona to the Avenc and back, and amounts to between 200 and 265 euro (depending on facilities chosen). You can also participate one day only (2nd central workshop day). The one-day fee includes lunch and dinner and amounts to 34.50 euro. Travel costs to and from Barcelona (e.g. flight tickets, train tickets) will not be covered. Day delegates must cover travel costs to and from Avenc themselves.

For the latest information and to register, please visit the LandLife project website.

This workshop is part of the LANDLIFE Project (LIFE10 INF/ES/540).

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