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Eurosite remote sensing webinar series part 2: Habitat mapping using different RS platforms


A current challenge of biodiversity and conservation is the estimation of the conservation status of habitat types across broad territories and through time. In absence of fine‐resolution maps, predictive modelling based on in situ expert-based sampling and remote sensing helps in assessing the spatial distribution of vegetation patterns through key indicators of habitat structure, function, dynamics and vulnerability. However, such approaches are still uncommon in regional planning and management.

The objective of this seminar will be showing a number of works designed for monitoring the area of occupancy (AOO) of habitat types across regional to nationwide scales that allow collecting suitable estimates for both monitoring and management actions. Approaches need to apply a combination of ground, expert-based in situ data with remote sensing and modelling frameworks, combining products ranging from Copernicus services and satellite imagery, radar, LiDAR surrogates, UAV observations and field spectroradiometry. Environmental variables are also relevant for specific habitats subject to abiotic constraints.

The combination of ecological modelling with remote sensing offers multiple advantages and complements traditional field surveys or image interpretation, allowing the harmonization of habitat maps across large regions and through time. This is particularly useful for implementing conservation actions under Natura 2000 principles or assessing IUCN criteria for ecosystems, while defining regional guidelines for landscape restoration through comprehensive assessments as the design of Blue and Green Infrastructure Network schemes (BGINs).

This second webinar in a second Eurosite webinar series on remote sensing will take place on 17 March, 14.00 – 15.30 CET. Please find the possibility to register in the ‘register tab’ below. The webinar will afterwards be made available on the Eurosite website.


This series of webinars provided by the Eurosite Remote Sensing Support Group focuses on ‘Roles of satellite images in biodiversity conservation’ and involves speakers from the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. These webinars will focus on the needs of nature conservation practitioners and will be targeted for that audience. The aim of these webinars is to increase the accessibility of remote sensing technologies for biodiversity conservation.

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