In 1989 in the EU nature management sector, a need was felt to create a network for natural site managers in the EU – a place where both the people in the field and policy makers would feel at home, and a place that would facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, a place to network. Those needs led to the birth of the Eurosite network: a home for suits and muddy boots.

Since then, 30 years have passed in which Eurosite has made an impact on many. To mark such an important milestone, we cordially invite you to help us celebrate during the Anniversary Annual Meeting, hosted by our member WWF Oasi from 5-7 November 2019 in Monticiano, Italy (Advised travel dates 4 & 8 November).

The event is open to members and non-members. The business meetings (Board, Council, AGM) are for members only.
Please find the terms and conditions for participation here.

Biodiversity across Europe is still declining, and climate change is an increasing problem. Natura 2000, while comprising over 27,000 sites and over 18% of European territory, requires a collective effort for efficient management. Cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration will be more important than ever before. Therefore, the conference will focus on various (and new) approaches to nature conservation, including new approaches to securing resources. Topics range from management planning to peatland conservation, and from to engaging civil society to urban green infrastructure and ecosystem services.

Additionally, participants can choose to take part in workshops on management planning, peatland restoration and/or financing mechanisms for conservation.

On the final day participants have the opportunity to enjoy a field trip to the beautiful Orbetello natural reserve.
Please find the final programme here.
Please register here. Members and Friends of Eurosite (Migratory Birds for People Network, CEEweb for Biodiversity & SER Europe) are entitled to a discount. You can contact us to receive your discount code.
We advise you to use 4 and 8 November as travel days. On these days a shuttle bus will be arranged from Florence to Monticiano. 4 November: bus from the airport to Monticiano at 16.30
8 November: bus from Monticiano to the Florence Airport at 09.00

Please provide your arrival and departure information upon registration or via e-mail.

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. We have however made a selection of accommodations for you. For more information and to book the place of your preference, please have a look here. For those participants who reside in accommodations further away from the venue transport will be arranged to/from in the morning and evening. As you will see, not all accommodations offer breakfast. As organisers we will be able to arrange a solution in Monticiano, but please let us know if you will stay in an accommodation without a breakfast option. Upon making your reservation, do not forget to mention you are coming for the 'Eurosite/WWF event' if you are booking through e-mail. The accommodations are only available for attendees.

On Wednesday 6 November there will be the traditional EuroCocktail. All participants are invited to bring along some produce of your region in Europe to share with the other participants. Please note that there might be no refrigerators or microwaves available.
Presentation by Martyna Rabska-Osipowicz & Kazimierz Rabski (Society for the Coast Odra Delta National Park, Poland). Download.
Title: How do we work with local communities living in highly valuable natural areas?

Presentation by Kübra Ceviz Sanalan (Project Manager at the Nature Conservation Centre Foundation, DKM, Turkey). Download.
Title: Doğa Koruma Merkezi (DKM) - The Nature Conservation Centre

Presentation by Dr. Tilmann Disselhoff (ELCN Project Leader, NABU, Germany). Download.
Title: Land Conservation in Europe - Engaging the Civil Society

Presentation by Henk Zingstra (Chairman of the Eurosite Management Planning Expert Group). Download.
Title: Eurosite Management Planning Toolkit

Presentation by Kristijan Čivić (Network Development Manager, Eurosite). Download.
Title: Eurosite post 2020 - The next 30 years

Presentation by Clive Hurford (Chairman of the Eurosite Remote Sensing Support Group). Download.
Title: Eurosite Remote Sensing Support Group

Presentation by Stefan Versweyveld (Head of Projects, Natuurpunt). Download.
Title: Expeditie Natuurpunt

Presentation by Shelagh Kell (University of Birmingham). Download.
Title: Natura 2000 and conservation of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture

Presentation by Stefan Versweyveld (Head of Projects, Natuurpunt). Download.
Title: Natuurpunt & Commercial Partners

Presentation by Dianna Kopansky (Global Peatlands Coordinator, UNEP). Download.
Title: Peatlands Restoration: Investing in Nature Based Solutions

Presentation by Fabrizio Canonico (Director of Cratere degli Astroni Nature Reserve, WWF Oasi). Download.
Title: WWF Oasi: Management and activities for protected areas