Eurosite has begun work this year supporting ECNC and ARCADIS Belgium in the maintenance of the Communication Platform for the New (Natura 2000) Biogeographical Process. The initial project meeting is taking place today in Brussels.

An overview of the New Biogeographical Process

‘new’ biogeographical process has been underway since 2011, when it was introduced by the European Commission to ensure continuous and effective management of the Natura 2000 network of protected sites. This New Biogeographical Process continues the division of the EU territory into biogeographical regions – Boreal, Mediterranean, Continental, etc. – but now focuses on the management of the sites in these regions, particularly through cooperation, networking and the spread of best practices.

Building a new communication platform

A key feature of the New Biogeographical Process is the sharing of information online. A web-based Communication Platform has been launched to allow interested parties to easily access all the background information and documents available for each habitat type as well as to initiate discussion about practice on the site’s forum. The platform is also designed to enable Member States to publicise their events and thus facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience. Read more.

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