Following up on the success of last year’s Natural Climate Buffers Study Tour in The Netherlands, kindly hosted by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Eurosite has organised the 2nd Natural Climate Buffers Study Tour to Scotland from 1-3 October 2019. The event was attended by 20 participants from 8 European countries.

During the very exciting 3 days we had an opportunity to see some management of coastal change in salt marsh and dune habitat as a part of the Dynamic Coast work around St Andrews.

We have witnessed some very nice examples of peatland restoration at Flanders Moss and Blawhorn Moss, and visited a managed coastal realignment implemented by RSPB as a part of the LIFE EcoCo project. At the City of Glasgow we have had a chance to see some very interesting projects working on the establishment of urban green infrastructure. More about this kind of work in Scotland can be found here.