Biodiversa+ SPEAR

The Biodiversa + SPEAR project is working to improve the conditions for birds in the current network of protected areas in Europe.

The SPEAR project’s scope

Duration 2023-2025

Biodiversa+ SPEAR is a EU funded project led by a consortium of 15 partners from academia and conservation practitioners which aims to improve bird conservation in Europe in the face of climate change, and to develop improved policy tools to meet new targets set under the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.


With the threat of climate change and the need for species to adapt, we need to assess if the current nature protection mechanisms are still suitable to safeguard biodiversity within climate constraints. Therefore, the Biodiversa+ SPEAR project aims:

i) to identify potential changes in priority areas for bird conservation at land and sea, including critical gaps in the current network of protected areas in Europe needed to build a Trans-European Nature Network,

ii) to assess the resilience of European networks to environmental change and identify alternatives that will be robust under future scenarios of threats and pressures,

iii) to assess the cost-effectiveness of management plans for protected areas that will facilitate adaptation of birds to climate change,

iv) to plan adaptive and sustainable management for harvested species, and

v) to develop new knowledge and governance tools needed for conservation of multifunctional wetlands.

The project is supported by the European Biodiversity Partnership.


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