Eurosite signs strategic partnership agreements with like-minded organisations and networks to express our shared interest in forming a long-term working relationship. These “Friends of Eurosite” receive preferential treatment from our network, such as receiving discounts on Eurosite events and visibility in our communication. We currently have Friendship Agreements with the following organisations.

International Land Conservation Network (ILCN)


The mission of the International Land Conservation Network is to connect organizations and people around the world that are accelerating voluntary private and civic sector action that protects and stewards land and water resources. We believe that building capacity and empowering voluntary private and civic land conservation will strengthen the global land conservation movement and lead to more durable and effective resource protection. We do this for the intrinsic value of the world’s natural and cultural resources, and for their importance to the prosperity and wellbeing of humankind, today and for generations to come.

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Friends since 2022

European Landowners Organization (ELO)


Created in 1972, ELO represents many rural family businesses and enterprises and individual actors in Europe involved in activities such as farming and agriculture, forestry and cork, wine production, hunting and fishing, and water and waste treatment. ELO encourages sustainable development and management, promoting biodiversity, sustainable bioenergy, food safety, responsible packaging, and combating climate change. ELO also strives to uphold property rights in land use, cities, real estate, historic houses and gardens.

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Friends since 2021



Founded in 2023 in Germany, Aeco is set up as a for-purpose limited liability corporation under German law (GmbH) with pending Benefit Corporation status. Aeco is privately financed by individuals combining diverse tech, agriculture and finance backgrounds.

Combining these diverse backgrounds, Aeco has created a platform that provides balanced incentives for all stakeholders involved in peatland restoration.


  • Aeco develops
  • and finances peatland restoration projects across Europe by
  • combining restoration expertise
  • and access to capital.

It aims to contribute substantially to climate change mitigation and ecosystem restoration by developing, implementing and monitoring water level and restoration measures in peatlands to generate and market CO2 and other ecosystem service certificates in a later step.

To counter the complex processes and the lack of experienced resources to the required scale of peatland rewetting, Aeco standardises and digitalises the process as far as possible and makes it available to its partners.

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Friends since 2023

Greifswald Mire Centre (GMC)


Greifswald Mire Centre’s vision is a world in which

  • peatlands are recognised and understood as vital and vulnerable systems,
  • natural peatlands are conserved,
  • degraded peatlands are restored,
  • any use of peatlands is sustainable.

The mission: The Greifswald Mire Centre is – as an interface between science, policy and practice – an innovator and originator in solutions for peatlands, locally and worldwide. GMC employs more than 50 peatland experts of various disciplines concentrated in one place. And offers science-based solutions for social challenges, such as

  • Climate crisis: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands and ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Ecosystem services: Identification, quantification and monetisation
  • Biodiversity protection: Conservation and restoration of peatlands worldwide
  • Sustainable use: Implementation of paludiculture and innovative financing

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Friends since 2022

CEEweb for Biodiversity


CEEweb for Biodiversity is a network of non-governmental organisations in the Central and Eastern European region. Our mission is the conservation of biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development. Since its establishment in 1993, CEEweb has become increasingly oriented towards EU and regional level policy developments to respond to the significant challenges in the field of nature conservation. It has become closely engaged in policy processes related to nature conservation, rural development, wildlife trade and tourism on national, regional and EU levels. CEEweb works through advocacy, influencing decision-making, joint projects, capacity building, networking and awareness-raising.

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Friends since 2017

Migratory Birds for People Programme (MBP)


Staatsbosbeheer, Wetlands International, Wetland Link International and Länsstyrelserna initiated the Migratory Birds for People programme in 2009 to connect a network of wetland visitor centres along the East Atlantic Flyway. The purpose of the network is to exchange knowledge and experience between the participating centres and thus enhance communication with the public about the importance of wetland sites along the East Atlantic Flyway. There are currently 26 participating visitor centres in the network.

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A short film has been developed by Katja Fedrowitz with the MBP team for use at wetland centres along the East Atlantic Flyway. It explains the activities of the MBP network.


Friends since 2015

SER Europe


The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) Europe is a network of restoration experts exchanging knowledge and expertise for the promotion of ecological restoration in Europe. SER Europe aims to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.

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Friends since 2017

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