Our Vision

A Europe where nature is cared for,
protected, restored and valued by all

About Eurosite

Eurosite is working to create a Europe where nature is cared for, protected, restored and valued by all. We do this by providing practitioners with opportunities to network and exchange experience on practical nature management.

We are a network of natural site managers bringing together non-governmental as well as governmental organisations, and individuals committed to our vision. Nature knows no boundaries: we believe the future protection and conservation of Europe's nature will only be achieved through international cooperation.


Global Peat Press Project

The Global Peat Press Project (GP3) campaign brings together international partners to highlight the importance of peatlands as vulnerable but valuable ecosystems. It is a coordinated media campaign from Eurosite member North Pennines AONB Partnership to promote the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) and toward the UNFCCC COP 26through the work of organisations throughout Europe and beyond. Through the campaign we wish to demonstrate to the world the role peatlands play in the fight against…

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Connecting Competence in Conservation: Eurosite Strategy 2021-2025

The strategy describes Eurosite’s priorities for the next five years. It lays out the four central objectives for the development of our network – REACH, RELEVANCE, RESILIENCE and RECOGNITION – and identifies, for each of these objectives, the activities necessary for their implementation. It also provides measurable indicators for the input, output, outcome and impact of these activities, enabling you – and us – to assess how successful we have been…

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Save the date: 3rd Natural Climate Buffers Study Tour

After two successful previous editions of the Natural Climate Buffer Study Tours in the Netherlands in 2018 and Scotland in 2019, we are happy to announce that a third edition is planned for 27-29 September 2021, kindly hosted by the Community Wetland Forum in Ireland. (Disclaimer: subject to Covid restrictions). Please keep an eye on…

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New Eurosite working group on biodiversity conservation and agriculture

Various Eurosite members expressed the need for a place to exchange knowledge and experience on biodiversity conservation in relation to agriculture. Therefore, at its most recent Board meeting, the Eurosite Board agreed with establishing such a working group, because biodiversity on farmland and nature-inclusive agricultural business models are becoming more and more relevant topics in…

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Are visitors a blessing or a burden, what do you think❓

As an outcome of the Twinning 'Conservation and recreation in a post-lockdown society' speakers presented their experience with visitor management in natural areas🚵‍♂️

Recording: https://t.co/uajlLRuxI0 https://t.co/N3oYtpkSAw
DIY @Cop4N2K will monitor 3800 #Natura2000 sites & ensure data production + annual updates?

@CopernicusEU will provide resources for mapping & monitoring sites via existing service products & operational Earth Observation image acquisitions

Presentation by @EU_ENV @BrunoCombal https://t.co/uskdEUTEK5


Here you can find events hosted by Eurosite, Eurosite members and other organisations from across Europe (and sometimes outwith Europe) which could be of interest to European site managers.


Eurosite's EES Working Group helps and supports members to take action on these issues and make ecosystem services work for them. Its goals are to:

  • Increase the number of protected areas implementing ecosystem services planning;
  • Increase awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of protecting and enhancing ecosystem services.

The EES Working Group was formed in 2013, meets regularly throughout the year and holds annual workshops on topics such as carbon sequestration.

Foreseen activities:

  • Developing an elaborated training programme on ecosystem services for site managers

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Building on wetlands and climate change work from 2014 and on request of Eurosite members, Eurosite established the Wetlands and Climate Change working group with the objectives to:

  • Increase exchange of knowledge on ecosystem-based approaches to adapt to and mitigate global climate change and adapting wetlands to global climate change;
  • Share information on international initiatives on wetlands and climate change;
  • Follow and react to the developments of policy and practice in relation to wetlands and climate change and their effects on the Natura 2000 network, and advocate best possible approaches;
  • Cooperate on the development of joint projects and identify funding sources.



Ever since our establishment in 1989 Eurosite has been providing guidance to its members, and the broader site managers' community, on how to prepare high quality management plans for their sites, considering all the relevant aspects and with the involvement of relevant stakeholders. As part of this work Eurosite has prepared several versions of Guidance on Management Planning, with the latest one dating back to 2005.

In the beginning of 2018 Eurosite established the Management Planning Expert Group with the goal to produce an updated version of the Eurosite Management Planning Guidance. During the Annual General Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, in September 2018, the Members of Eurosite have agreed to maintain this Expert Group as a permanent Working Group within Eurosite.



Building on the Interreg NWE funded project Care-Peat, the transnational Peatland Restoration and Management Group (PRMG) was established within Eurosite. The role of the Group will be to share knowledge, experiences and the development of new (transnational) projects around peatland restoration and management also beyond the Care-Peat Project and in the long term.

The PRMG aims to:

  • facilitate the knowledge exchange of peatland restoration, research, and management across the EU and build the knowledge base and examples of good practice;
  • involve as many relevant organisations and peatland projects as possible, tackling various issues related to peatland restoration and management;
  • developing an action plan for the roll-out of peatland restoration in NEW-region and wider.



In 2019, Eurosite organised the 4th Natura 2000 Monitoring workshop to bring these matters closer to managers of sites protected for nature conservation. The workshop was one of the networking events of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process. Here, the role of satellite and drone images in conservation monitoring and the usefulness of open source software packages that can increase the efficiency, accuracy and precision of our work was discussed. You can find the workshop report here. One of the main results of this fruitful meeting was the conclusion that there is a high demand among Eurosite members to create a new, permanent working group focused directly on remote sensing, hence the establishment of the ERSSG.

The ERSSG will focus on developing innovative, open tools supporting open access to biodiversity spatial data. The official strategy of the working group is currently being developed.


Photo by Edyta Mazur (Regional Board of Infrastructure in Kraków, Life Pustynia Błędowska)

Members Eurosite


Eurosite members are organisations and individuals from all over Europe committed to our vision.

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