On October 10th and 11th 2017 in Tunis, the Coastal Protection and Planning Agency (APAL), the United Nations Development Program and the Conservatoire du Littoral are organizing an international Conference on “Innovative tools for coastal adaptation to climate change, what experiences to share?”
Coastal agencies, territorial planning stakeholders, scientific institutions, local authorities, representatives of the private sector and civil society will gather and exchange innovative approaches and techniques, both modern and traditional to be rehabilitated, in order to face the risks in coastal territories (erosion , submersion, flooding, scarcity of water resources and exceptional climatic events).
The effects of climate change are already felt on the integrity of the coastline, on ecosystems and on human activities (agriculture, tourism, urban development, fisheries, …). They are also felt on marine and coastal biodiversity and fishery resources. All these effects combined with the impacts of anthropogenic activities endanger natural habitats and economic activities settled on the coasts.
Partnerships and synergies at the local, national and international levels will be needed to tackle the effects of expected major climate change. The conference will be a good opportunity to initiate cooperation between the participating countries. The results of this conference will be brought to COP 23 and communicated at other international events to promote innovative approaches and techniques to address these issues.