Amersfoort, the Netherlands, 7-8 June 2017

This international conference is organised by Eurosite members Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer and Natural England.



Dutch and UK national conservation organisations have been working closely together on a new approach to the management of conservation sites.

It is adaptive and integrates planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
It is scalable, integrating the management of individual sites with the management of site networks;
It harmonises conflicting interests by integrating all land interests into a single, dynamic site plan;
It is software supported, integrating mapping, data and documents to create a one-stop information system;
It shares learning enabling organisations to integrate information from other sites and into their site management.

The new approach has been adopted on over 1,000 sites managed by public and charitable sector organisations. This conference is the opportunity to hear from fellow site managers the benefits and challenges of this evolving approach and share your own experiences in preparing and delivering adaptive site plans.

In this conference, we have presentations from practitioners, a choice of workshops and site visits to see how it works in the field on Natura 2000 and other sites. Above all, we design this conference for delegates to share their ‘real-world’ practical experiences (the good and the bad) of adaptive management so you can take home new ideas for your own organisations and for your own sites.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in how we achieve better conservation outcomes through better planning and better management, but in particular: site managers, site planners, responsible conservation staff members, habitat and species surveyors, information management specialists and ICT managers.

The latest workshop programme is available for download.

Programme summary:

Day One (7 June, 09:00 - 17:00 hrs) - Theory and Tools for Conservation Management

Day Two (8 June, 08:30 - 17:00 hrs) - Site visits - seeing theory turned into practice


Morning excursions

Group A - Adaptive Conservation Management Plan, why and how

This excursion will visit Almeerderhout, it is a large forest area surrounded by the city of Almere. In the centre of de forest lies ‘De Kemphaan’, a park that is home to several ‘green’ entrepreneurs and a Staatsbosbeheer visitor’s centre. The vast majority of the approximately 300,000 visitors per year live in Almere and the recreational importance of the area places special demands on the forest management.


Group B - Quality Check, is my work successful?

This excursion will visit Eemland, one of the best meadow birds nature reserves in The Netherlands. This site has panoramic views of the typical Dutch polder Eemland and in the marshy meadows, blooming flowers like marsh marigold and ragged robin. Grassland birds like godwit breed here in high numbers in the spring, but also in the autumn and winter there are many birds in this nutrient-rich natural grassland.

Afternoon excursions

Group C - Natura 2000 as a part of your management plan

This excursion will visit Naardermeer, the oldest nature reserve of Natuurmonumenten. This marsh area around a natural lake with swamp forest and meadows with shallow pools is a Natura 2000 site with international status as European Diploma and RAMSAR.


Group D - Integration of Cultural Heritage with Nature Conservation

This excursion will visit Schaep en Burgh, an historical site and the head office of Natuurmonumenten. In this area Natuurmonumenten manages 10 historical sites. A few years ago a big restoration plan was created for all these sites. This excursion shows the process and the results of this project.

Registrations are now open and will close on 29 May 2017. Participation is free of charge for early-bird registrations until 17 May. For bookings after the 17th of May (1 or 2 days) there is a € 100 conference fee for non-members and € 80 for Members and Eurosite Friends. Payment details will be provided to you after registration.

The conference is limited to 100 delegates. Free places are limited to a maximum of 2 delegates per organisation.

Please note that registration for this event has closed. 
What does it cost?

The organising partners Natuurmonumenten (NL), Staatsbosbeheer (NL), Natural England (UK) and the CMS Consortium kindly subsidise this event. Attendance at the conference itself is therefore free, although dinner and accommodation will need to be paid for as required. Please note that free places are limited to a maximum of 2 delegates per organisation.

Delegate conference fee (2 days): Participation is free of charge for early-bird registrations until 17 May. For bookings after the 17th of May (1 or 2 days) there is a € 100 conference fee for non-members and € 80 for Members and Eurosite Friends. Payment details will be provided to you after registration.

Conference dinner 7 June (optional): Dinner including drinks € 37,50

Accommodation: There are many B&B's and hotels available in Amersfoort from € 50 / night. Delegates make their own arrangements.

The organisers have made pre-reservations for NH Hotel Amersfoort (5 minute walk from the conference and the railway station). Costs are € 102 / night. It is possible to also book for the day before and after the conference. Delegates make their own arrangements and can pay directly to the hotel. Citing: Eurosite.

Address: NH Hotel Amersfoort, Stationsstraat 75, 3811 MH Amersfoort

Phone: +31 (0) 33 422 1200



Other practical information

The conference will be held at Staatsbosbeheer / RCE office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.  It is only a short train journey from Amsterdam. See

The conference language is English. There will be no formal translation service.

It is the responsibility of each person attending this Eurosite workshop to verify his or her need for a visa for entry to the Netherlands and to obtain one where necessary. Please contact the relevant authority in your country for more information.

Each person attending this Eurosite workshop is responsible for their own medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover at their own expense or at the expense of their nominating organisation, for accidents, sickness, disability and death, as well as third party risk for the duration of the Eurosite workshop. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility or liability in such contingencies.

For more information, please contact the workshop organisers at Staatsbosbeheer and Natuurmonumenten. Their contact details can be found in the downloadable programme.
Presentation by Mascha Brouwer. Download.
Title: Welcome presentation.

Presentation by Mike Alexander. Download.
Title: Adaptive Management for Nature Conservation.

Presentation by Saskia de Jonge. Download.
Title: Conservation management at Staatsbosbeheer.

Presentation by Gijs Clements. Download.
Title: Reviews: The key to adaptive management.

Presentation by Menno van Zuijen. Download.
Title: CMSi OBServations & VEGetation.

Presentation by Michiel Purmer and Erik van den Berg. Download.
Title: Integration of Cultural Heritage in Nature Conservation.

Presentation by Ben le Bas. Download.
Title: Integrating Natura 2000 and nature reserve management plans.

Presentation by Baukjep Sijtsma. Download.
Title: Naardermeer.