Brussels, Belgium, 7 June 2017

Nature can provide answers to many societal and environmental challenges the European Union faces today. Citizens from different sectors will share their personal experiences about living and working in Natura 2000 sites during our “How can People and the Economy benefit from Nature? Stories from Citizens” conference in Brussels on June 7th 2017. We will also showcase successful products from the areas accompanied by inspiring background stories about the collaborations and the related socio-economic benefits.

“How can People and the Economy benefit from Nature? Stories from Citizens” will bring together around 150 participants: members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, the European Council, scientific community, civil society, private sector and other relevant stakeholders.

The conference is organised by CEEweb for Biodiversity, Eurosite and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and hosted by the Members of the European Parliament Ms. Sirpa Pietikäinen, Mr. Benedek Javor and Mr. Pavel Poc.

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The conference is generously supported by the EU.

Date & place: 7 June 2017, 29 Rue Jacques de Lalaing, Brussels

With this conference, we would like to inform you, inspire you and provide you with arguments for the upcoming discussions in the European Parliament that will or should involve issues related to the natural environment. Why? Because for many challenges our society faces today, such as air pollution, climate change, land use changes, droughts, and economic crisis, the solution is – nature.

EU citizens recognize its value,  come and listen to their stories! Nature is the solution to many of the challenges facing society today whether it be air pollution, climate change, land use changes, droughts, or economic crisis. With this conference, we would like to inspire you with stories from EU citizens that already recognize nature’s value. Come and listen to their stories!

14:00 –14:30
Welcome speeches by the host and the organizers: Member of the European Parliament Mr. Benedek Javor, Mr. Pavel Poc, Ms. Sirpa Pietikäinen; Ágnes Zólyomi General Secretary, CEEweb for Biodiversity; Stefan Versweyveld, President, Eurosite.

14:30– 14:50
How can nature address today’s social and economic challenges in the EU?

How can innovative solutions from nature boost our economy? Presentation of success stories from the EU.

Where are services from nature already creating flourishing societies and economies? Cases from the field.

15:30– 16:00
Q&A session, brief discussion.

Citizens’ stories: CEEweb for Biodiversity’s Friends of Natura 2000 and the producers of Eurosite’s Natura 2000 branding campaign.

Q&A session, brief discussion.

Closing session and messages for the future.

Tasting nature - degustation of local products from protected Natura 2000 areas and demonstration of the most cherished ecosystem services (winners of the “What is your favorite gift from nature?” contest).