Twinning natural sites is a core Eurosite tool for knowledge-exchange. To commemorate 30 years of twinning and celebrate Eurosite’s activities in this field, 2017 is proclaimed as the Eurosite Year of Twinning.

It is therefore we are happy to announce more twinning agreements will be signed during the Eurosite Annual Meeting 2017 in Espoo, Finland. If that has raised your curiosity, do not hesitate to register for our Annual Meeting where twinning is merely one of many interesting topics to be discussed.

Eurosite members interested in twinning are furthermore very welcome to take advantage of Eurosite’s expertise and services in this area to establish a twinning, including support with finding twinning partners, developing twinning agreements, promoting and publicising your twinning, and providing ongoing support and guidance on achieving the goals of the twinning throughout the overall twinning period.

Please find more information on twinning – for example information concerning thematic twinning – here.