To exchange, enhance and promote expertise in the management of sites for nature, throughout Europe. Eurosite is unique – it is one of the largest pan-European networks bringing together governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as private bodies, in active collaboration for the practical management of Europe’s nature. There are currently 56 members of the Eurosite network from 21 European countries engaged in the delivery of this mission.


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Upcoming events

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    The 2014 Eurosite Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday 16 September at the Van der Valk Hotel in Haarlem, the Netherlands.  

  • Event: 
    03/08/2014 - 08/08/2014

    The 9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration will focus on Restoration, Ecosystem Services and Land Use Policy.  

    The SER2014 European Conference will provide an international forum to discuss the restoration of Ecosystem Services, and the ecological, economic and socio-cultural values of restoration. The Conference aims at increasing the link between restoration and land use policies, and it points to issues discussed continuously at international, EU and national levels.

  • Event: 
    14/08/2014 - 18/08/2014

    The 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress, Making Marine Science Matter, will be held from 14-18 August 2014 at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.   

  • Event: 
    20/08/2014 - 23/08/2014
    The Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas conference provides a forum for presentations and other exchanges of ideas and experiences related to the monitoring and management of visitors in recreation and protected areas.  
  • Event: 
    23/08/2014 - 24/08/2014

    The Dutch Bird Fair will take place on 23-24 August 2014 in the Oostvaardersplassen, Netherlands.  

  • Event: 
    14/09/2014 - 18/09/2014

    The Conference Wetlands Biodiversity and Services: Tools for Socio-Ecological Development (Huesca, Spain, 14-18 September 2014) plans to be a meeting point for different professionals and persons interested on the integration of land and wetland uses for the sustainable development of people, in addition to formal specialized sessions on all the research and management aspects of wetlands,  

  • Event: 
    15/09/2014 - 30/10/2014

    The course is aimed at students and graduates in different fields of study; volunteers and professionals in areas relates to landscape and nature management; staff and volunteers from nature conservation NGOs; personnel from conservation public agencies, social entrepreneurs in rural areas and people interested in land stewardship and the conservation of nature and biodiversity.  

  • Event: 
    17/09/2014 - 19/09/2014
    Eurosite, in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer and FREE Nature (Foundation for Restoring European Ecosystems), is developing a workshop dealing with public perceptions of wilderness areas and large herbivore and carnivore populations to contribute to the elaboration of a communication strategy, and to help site managers improve understanding of the wilderness management techniques they employ among the public and local stakeholders.